Site about the fight against moles and rodents

Site about the fight against moles, rats, mice and rodent pests

All about moles, harmful rodents and methods of getting rid of them
Pros and cons of mole cat cat Fedr

Not so long ago, the Kot Fedr mole trap appeared on the Russian market - convenient in use, having an interesting design and at the same time relatively inexpensive. However, upon closer inspection, curious nuances pop up about which you should know in advance ...

Effective rat and mouse control

With the wrong approach to fighting rats and mice, this procedure can stretch for many months, and without leading to the desired result. Moreover, the illiterate use of rat traps and rodenticidal agents can pose a direct danger to both humans and domestic animals. Well, let's talk about how to quickly and effectively destroy all rats in the territory, what methods and tools will be best for different situations and how to properly apply them in practice ...

The use of ultrasound against rats and mice

The use of ultrasound to scare away rats and mice today has turned for many into a real stumbling block: some consumers praise devices, others are confident in their uselessness, or at least the inefficiency of such devices. And what does science think about this, are there theoretical prerequisites for the effectiveness of ultrasonic repellers, and why do some people use ultrasound devices to work fine, while others do not give any effect? Let's deal with these issues ...

Welcome to the site, entirely dedicated to effective methods of fighting rodents, especially mice and rats. Practice shows that when, for example, these uninvited guests appear in the house, many simply do not know what to do, or resort to the help of obsolete and often useless methods of getting rid of rodents.

Moreover, some owners of houses and summer cottages are so tired of their futile struggle with rats, mice or moles that they forget about the elementary principles of humanism in relation to the animal world. Sometimes it comes to the point that, for example, they try to get rid of moles on a site with a shovel, physically destroying, in general, cute and beautiful creatures in their own way.

To fight rodents, firstly, effectively, and secondly, humanely, it is important to use modern and proven methods of control - in fact, we will talk about them on the pages of this site. It should be borne in mind that the fight even with mice and rats does not always imply their destruction, since you can get rid of these pests in a number of other ways (a typical example is the use of ultrasonic repellers of mice and rats, or mole repellers in a summer cottage )

Meanwhile, it is quite obvious that there are situations when the presence of rats or mice in the house can pose a serious threat to the health of people living here. When the population of rodents is huge, and rats, for example, bite children - in such cases it may become necessary to act quickly and hard, without much regard for humane methods of control. Better let 1000 rats die than at least 1 child will end up in a hospital with a risk to their life. And we will also talk about this in the relevant materials of the site.


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